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The day before I leave…

Today was my last day of school at Pinewood Prep. I feel like this week has been a great experience that I will never forget. I got my Spanish matching quiz back today, and, well, lets just say I wouldn’t be very good at talking about food in Spanish or being in a Spanish speaking restaurant. I got 49%. But, fortunately it doesn’t affect my language grades at GFS. After break was social studies. We went over the answers of a quiz about the first railroads and plantations. It was interesting, and the teacher is really funny. After trying a math test that I didn’t get back and watching some of the movie Little Shop of Horrors in drama, we had lunch. Lunch today for me was a ham sandwich that I liked. After running around outside after eating with Clae and his friends, I had science. My class talked about the apple preserving experiment, and drew elements. It was fun, I like science. Next, in AP Human Geography, we found out which countries produce the most resources. We found out that China produces the most flax and soy out of all the countries in the world. I have promised to send Mr.Stjern, the teacher of the subject, a postcard when I get home to Philadelphia because his sixth grade science class is collecting them from around the world. That would be an interesting project to undertake. I might start a postcard collection. Last period was a calm study hall, in which I read part of The Losing Role by Steve Anderson on my Kindle, and I played Battleship with a seventh grader. After school ended, I said goodbye to Clae’s friends and teachers, including Wendy Girgan, the network exchange adviser. Clae and I were soon picked up by Mrs.Wyckoff, and we drove down to Charleston to explore part of the city and eat dinner with Mr.Wyckoff. Charleston is a very nice city, it reminds me of New Orleans. We had dinner at Bubba-Gump Shrimp Company, a very good shrimp restaurant chain featured in the movie Forrest Gump. I had “Bubba’s after-the-storm Boat Trash”. It consisted of: two Canadian lobster claws, six breaded shrimp, and two smallish pieces of fish. It was a well-chosen meal, in my opinion. I am extremely happy to have been on this trip to South Carolina. I will definitely make it a priority to go on another exchange.


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