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Today was another normal school day at Pinewood Prep. By the morning, I had memorized my schedule:

1.Spanish (then break) 2.Social Studies 3.Math 4.Drama (then lunch) 5.Science 6.AP Human Geography. 7th period varies from day to day. Today I had gym, in which we played basketball. I did well as my team won four games in a row. But that was the end of the day.

In first period Spanish, my class did not get our quizzes back from yesterday, but we did review verbs and sentences. Whenever the class had to write down something on their paper, I wrote in French to practice. It was fun. After taking more notes in history and working on linear equations in math, I had Drama. Today was the day each group presented a movie plot and two character descriptions for it. My group’s movie plot was ab0ut a school in the future. The two main characters are a boy who lives in the past, dressing like a kid from 2000. He is constantly picked on by the other main character. The other main character is the most futuristic-looking in the futuristic school. He is the most popular, and likes making fights. One day, the kid who is picked on gets tired of being bullied, and starts a revolt. Lunch was ok, it was pizza. In science we started a lab experiment. It was to find out which of the following would preserve an apple slice best: table salt, baking soda, Epsom salt, any combination of two, or all three combined. Unfortunately, I will not be in South Carolina when the results are found. Next was AP Human Geography, which, as always, was fun. We had a discussion about health advances and problems in the world, then, for some random reason, the teacher read to us the ingredients of  Hostess Twinkies. They seemed pretty unhealthy. The last period was basketball, which was fun.

When Mr.Wyckoff picked us up, we went to Patriots Point, SC. We went there to see the U.S.S. Yorktown, an aircraft carrier that was used during World War Two. It was huge, even though it was one of the smaller aircraft carriers in the U.S.’ fleet. Clae, Mr.Wyckoff, and I almost got lost in it. It had 15 dentist rooms, five bakeries, two shoe repair rooms, a very big kitchen, and an escalator among other large amounts of rooms. It held 3,500 people during WWII. After a self-guided tour of most of the ship, we left to go to a very good hamburger restaurant. I had The Yank burger. It is grass-fed beef burger with lettuce, horseradish sauce, mushrooms, and Swiss cheese. It came with sweet potato fries with apple butter It was clearly one of their best dishes. I can’t believe that I leave the day after tomorrow, but I think I have made the most of this trip so far.


Comments on: "Basketball and an Aircraft Carrier" (2)

  1. I liked it. Mom and I liked how you described the drama.

  2. Nick,
    We enjoy your blogs and are glad to see you’re having a great time. The Wyckoff’s southern hospitality, your experiences at Pinewood Prep and the special people you’ve met are memories to cherish. Your blogs will help you do just that. Have a great end to your week and we look forward to seeing back home on Saturday. Love, Dad

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