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Today was my first full day with my own schedule. I noticed that I don’t have English for some reason, but I guess that’s ok because I wouldn’t have known what the class was talking about, anyway. First I had Spanish, and my class had an English to Spanish vocabulary matching quiz. There was an extra copy, so the teacher let me try it. I don’t think I did too well, but there were some things I knew or could understand because of my French and Latin experience. Next was Social Studies. The class went over the answers to the test that I mentioned in a previous blog post, and took notes about plantations. After math and drama, we had lunch. I decided  on a turkey sandwich and sweet tea. It was satisfying. After lunch, I had Science. We worked on making our own personal periodic tables and finding how many protons, neutrons, and electrons each element has. After that 50 minute period, I had the AP Human Geography. We first looked at and talked about two live chickens that the teacher, Mr.Stjern (not a typo) had brought in for a sixth grade class. Next we finished the documentary about corn that we were watching, called “King Corn”. We then talked for the rest of the class about how corn has taken over farming, and how family farms are going out of business as commercial farms get larger and more powerful. Last period always varies, depending on the day. Today I had Chess Club. I played three matches and had fun, but ended up losing all three. It would be fun to play more chess at home. After the last bell had sounded, Clae and I were picked up by Mrs.Wyckoff and we went to Guerrin’s, a vintage pharmacy that has been open for over 100 years. It is also well known for it’s chili dogs and lemonade. Clae and I each had a chili dog and a glass of lemonade, and I can see now why people like them so much. After looking around the pharmacy for a little while longer, we left and went to a farmer’s market to buy some boiled peanuts. Boiled peanuts are exactly what they sound like. Unshelled peanuts, boiled. A southern treat. They were delicious. We then went home and Clae and I shot his air rifle at bottles and boxes in the backyard. (It’s not a real gun, it shoots pellets, there is no gunpowder involved, and it is a lot safer. Also we were under adult supervision, of course.) It had less recoil than his shotgun, and it made less noise. It was fun, I got a few shots that went right through a closed bottle full with water. At dinnertime, we ate our leftovers from the Italian restaurant last night. For dessert, Clae and I made chocolate fondue. That was good, especially with banana slices. Well, that’s all for today. Tomorrow will be another good one.


P.S. If you’re wondering what the heck Food Lions and Piggly Wigglys are, they are both southern supermarket chains. Piggly Wiggly, by the way, was the first real self-serve “supermarket”. Before it, wherever you could buy food you had to give someone who worked there a list. They would disappear into the back room, and come back with whatever was on your list.


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