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A new class schedule…

Today when Clae and I got to school, we stopped by the Middle School computer teacher’s room to pick up my Panther Pass (a debit card for students to use to buy lunch). It was nice of the teacher to make it so quickly. Afterward, we went to homeroom and said the Pledge of Allegiance. I’m glad I knew it! We had English first, reviewing the comparisons between the new Romeo and Juliet movie and the old one. Afterward was Spanish, but I was pulled out of it in the beginning by Wendy Girgan to make a schedule for myself. I also got a Pinewood Prep shirt for free! I ended up missing the rest of Spanish, but I don’t really care because I wouldn’t have understood most of it. I am now in an AP Human Geography class with high schoolers for the rest of the week because the teacher really likes exchange students and they thought I would be interested in it. It was fun, I introduced myself to the class and we watched a documentary about corn usage The rest of the day was pretty normal, but I am still getting used to the bells that begin and end each class. Last period, I went to a Latin elective class. We worked on numbers and phrases. At the end of the day, Clae and I were picked up by Mrs.Wyskoff. We then rode to where Mr.Wyckoff works, and picked him up. We continued to Genero’s, an Italian restaurant in North Charleston. We got a table quickly and ordered our food. I got lightly breaded veal with capers sauteed in olive oil, lemon juice, and white wine. It was very flavorful. None of us could finish our meal, so we packed them all up for dinner tomorrow. I am happy to be with such a nice family and I have had an awesome experience so far.


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  1. Woah! You are in a class with high schoolers! I am already used to the bells, because of Masterman

  2. Hi Nick, I feel so proud of you! Is Human Geography a cultures or history course, or perhaps anatomy? Was the movie you saw called “King Corn”? I saw that. We are enjoying your blog and glad to know you’re being treated so kindly and having an amazing time. Please find a way to send some pictures and let us know if you’re doing any sports. Did the Wyckoffs like the caramel bees?

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