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First day of school!

Today the family and I got up at around 6:30 to get ready for school. After getting dressed and having a casual breakfast of cereal, Clae and I were picked up by a carpool. A 9th grader and her mother. At school Clae took me to meet Wendy Girgan, the exchange administrator. We then continued to homeroom and I continued to meet people. First was English, where the class finished watching a modern movie version of Romeo and Juliet. It was alright. After break and a few more classes, we had history, where there was a test. I decided to take the test, just to try it out even though I hadn’t studied or known about it until then. It was about Westward Expansion and the California Gold Rush. I ended up guessing on most of the answers, and I ended up with a 66%, an ok grade considering I knew almost nothing about the topic. Next was lunch, and I used my Panther Pass (a lunch credit card that all students have) to buy a chicken sandwich and iced tea. We sat with Clae’s friends, who were nice and pretty cool. Soon lunch ended and I had a few more classes. At the end of school, Mrs.Wyckoff picked us up and we drove to the beach to look around. The air was very salty. At about 6:00, we met Mr.Wyckoff at Red’s Ice House, a seafood restaurant right on the harbor. Every Monday night at the restaurant, they serve all you can eat crab legs. We all had them, and each one of us had eight or nine baskets. They were the best crab legs I have ever eaten. They were also a bit messy, but it was well worth it. Today has been fun, but I’m sure tomorrow will be great, too.


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  1. You are having a great time!

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